Morgan Insurance rides over the line with Bathurst motorcycle business.

Jim Morgan is pleased to ‘get over the line’ with the insurance savings he offered to Beard Brothers Motorcycles. By coincidence, Jim also has a passion for motorcycles giving him a jump start in understanding Nathan and Cameron’s business. Jim appreciates that when you turn your hobby or interest into a business, your enthusiasm shouldn’t be hindered by insurance coverage concerns and costs.

I’ve known Jim Morgan for a couple of years. We both love motorcycles and have raced together in the past. Jim’s never been pushy but eventually, I decided to give him a go at my insurance. The service was great and the savings Jim could deliver got him over the line. If you’re looking for a better insurance deal, you should have a talk with Jim Morgan.

Beard Brothers since 2006


Beard Brothers Motorcyles

Beard Brothers kick-started in 2006 when brothers Nathan and Cameron took over the business at 123 Durham Street, Bathurst, where the shop has been operating for over 50 years through a range of previous owners. Nathan and Cameron have a genuine passion for the motorcycle industry and can enthusiastically assist with any of your motorcycle needs, whether it’s a road bike, ATV or dirt bike.

With over 80 bikes in stock at all times, if you’re looking for motorbikes and accessories for sale in NSW, then Beard Brothers is the right place to go.

Born and bred in Bathurst

Nathan and Cameron have been involved with motorcycles since the early 80s. The brothers are born and bred in Bathurst so they know the local area and surrounds. They have been involved in racing and are both active members of the local Panorama Motorcycle Club.

Motorcycles more than a hobby

“Motorcycles are more than a hobby”, said Cam Beard. “For many people, they are a lifestyle. If you live and breathe in the fast lane, you will understand the thrill of purchasing a new ride. We’ve been lucky enough to turn our enjoyment of motorbikes into a business. If you’re thinking about turning your interest into a business or have already done so, I suggest you look for experts who are excited about what they do, like Jim Morgan. They’ll have a real interest in making sure your business runs smoothly so you don’t lose the passion for what you do. We’re motorbike enthusiasts and want to stay that way.

“If you want an insurance enthusiast, Jim Morgan is your guy. He’s keen on the insurance industry and very knowledgeable. Thanks to Jim’s advice, I changed a few things regarding my coverage and now feel better protected.”