A milling business located in Cowra NSW, Central Milling produces bespoke and branded fine milled mineral products for the manufacturing, mining, civil, and agricultural markets.

“Central Milling’s core business is taking minerals and making them very small, making powders, we take minerals from all over Australia, crush them down to very specific particle sizes for very specific purposes,” explains Central Milling owner Ben Casey.

“Our products include stock feeds, fertilisers, soil amendments that are distributed in 15 – 25kg multiple paper sacks, as well as 500 – 1500kg bulk bags and erode tankers double or single.”

Supporting customers all over Australia and regularly exporting products to East-Asian countries, Central Milling is an integral employer in the Cowra community.

“We also supply ingredients into building product manufacturers, things we make end up in lots of different places and indeed everybody has got something in their home that has a little bit of Central Milling in it.”

Ben was born and bred in Cowra and returned to his hometown after graduating from UTS to work in his grandfather’s premises at Ian Davidson Machinery before establishing Central Milling.

“It’s very satisfying to be able to operate a business such as Central Milling from a regional town like Cowra.”

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Ben Casey, Central Milling Video