Orange-based technology company still believes in person-to-person interaction

Jim Morgan is pleased to ‘get over the line’ with the insurance savings he offered to Beard Brothers Motorcycles. By coincidence, Jim also has a passion for motorcycles giving him a jump start in understanding Nathan and Cameron’s business. Jim appreciates that when you turn your hobby or interest into a business, your enthusiasm shouldn’t be hindered by insurance coverage concerns and costs.

I’ve known Jim Morgan for a while. We were teamed together at a charity golf day. Jim asked me a few questions about Inland Digital’s insurance coverage. There was no pressure but the questions did spark my interest. Jim enquired whether I had ‘business interruption insurance’.

Upon checking I realised we didn’t have that type of coverage. Jim met with some of our team and did the analysis. We felt he had a very detailed knowledge about insurance and we decided to go with him. He’s a good guy and passionate about the insurance industry. When you get that type of energy, you listen.

Lawrence Breen, Inland Digital

People want to work with people

Lawrence Breen Inland Digital

Lawrence Breen, Inland Digital

“I still believe that people are the cornerstone of business”, said Lawrence. “The interaction between people is still something we all crave, despite the rise in social media dominating how we communicate. It’s my view that the human element is still a crucial part of the way we do business, between our teams internally and externally with our customers.”

“It’s doubly important in regional communities”, continued Lawrence. “Our work sees Inland Digital collaborating with clients all over the Central West, from the foot of the Blue Mountains, right out through Bathurst, Orange, Forbes, and Parkes.

The connection between our different communities in the region is what makes it such a great place to live and work”.

“This leads me to one of the reasons we felt comfortable with Morgan Insurance. Jim Morgan is a Central West local and all of us from Inland Digital felt he had a better understanding of our needs. He also values person to person contact and was happy to visit our office, meet with our team and make the effort to understand our business strategy.

We know all our staff and assets are now well protected.”

Lawrence Breen and his team from Inland Digital started the business with a goal of providing the latest office technology to the Central West business community and have maintained a consistent presence in the area for over 20 years. Inland Digital offers technical solutions for printing, workflow, collaboration, and 3D printing.

They are proud to have the largest support team in the Central West, including 5 factory-trained, IT-qualified product specialists with up to 22 years of experience in their field. Inland Digital has also partnered with global hardware and software companies to provide their customers ‘best of breed’ solutions.

The Digital Revolution
The digital revolution is here and technology is leading the charge. While advances in technology have done much to improve our personal lives and how we run our businesses, conversations often turn to technology replacing jobs.

Lawrence Breen from Inland Digital is passionate about technology and believes that while AI and robots will play their part in the future of work, there’s still a role for us all to play.

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